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"All this will someday come to pass, in God's good time..."
Captain Nemo,

    The Nautilus as seen here today , has been hand crafted from scratch , using several combination's of drawings , plan's and picture's found on the web and from Jules's Vern's book itself , right down to the diver's and aperture windows . Displayed in a beautiful custom built electronic cabinet , some nine feet in length by two feet in depth and thirty four inches in height and weighing over 357 pounds . There are two beautifully awe inspiring  hand painted murals , one on each side of this fine display cabinet . The first painting is of the Nautilus approaching the Island of Valcania , which is surrounded by war ships , here Captain Nemo hurry's to destroy all  his works . The second painting is of the Nautilus on the sea floor at the sunken Island of Atlantis , with diver's exploring and viewing the splendor of this sunken realm , each over seven feet in length and 32 inches in height . Both painting's inspired by the Disney's 1954 movie and the 1971 ride at Disney World . The top side of the cabinet is hand laid Formica and makes a beautiful location to show model ships and other decretive items of the sea .
Nautilus , which is resting inside the cabinet , is electrically raised from beneath for viewing by two linear five hundred pound thrust actuators to level off at 34 inches above the floor , then two more linear actuators raise the top to a height of up to six feet , allowing effect lighting and viewing of Nautilus top side and below .
The display theme selected and viewed is , the Nautilus on the Island of Crespo , where the crew hunts for food , as in the writings of Jules's Vern and of the movie . Resting on the sea floor in a beautiful under sea landscape of mountains , rocks , coral and other under water structures . There you will also see , 20 hand crafted diver's working around the ship , some checking the rudder for damage , another group hunt for sea turtles and fish . Captain Nemo leads others to hunt for sharks and other large sea life . The entire theme is lighted from above and below using 36 feet of strip lighting that can change to multiple colors for multiple visual effects .
In front of the Nautilus is a 10 inch tablet display screen , which can play multiple videos and slide shows of the model being constructed , right down to playing the full movie , all in stereo sound .
As you look at Nautilus , you will see the twenty thousand plus rivets and patterns all laid down one at a time . The control room with Captain Nemo at the wheel , with lighting effects . Looking at the deck you see the inlays of laminated wood and the working skiff used to go ashore , the working rudder and prop . There are the aperture windows one on each side , independently operated with lighting effects and interior layouts with the pipe organ , couches and maps on the walls both have exterior lighting as well .
Yes , there is finally positive proof that this ship really exists and there is no more room left for imagination , as your eye's behold the wonder's of , Nautilus in this aw inspiring landscape , on and beneath the sea.
Ladies and gentlemen, in just a few moments we will be docking at Valcania, our home port.  It has been a pleasure having you aboard the Nautilus, on this memorable voyage that has taken us 20,000 leagues under the sea.  Captain to bridge.  Reduce speed and proceed to number four berth. 
Stand by to dock.
Disney World Ride , 1971 to 1994

In the beginning...
Master Model builder and designer , Thomas M Jacobs
Nautilus Project , Started January 12th 2011

      The plans to build the Nautilus began in 2010 and even more so , back several years ago, as I use to draw sketches and drawings some of them 3 to 6 feet in length of the Nautilus and color all the rooms with colored pencils , seeing the movie for the second time in 1958 when I was 8 years old , I was hooked for life . The first time was in 1954 , when I was only 4 year's old , yet I do remember even then seeing the movie .

      Wail searching for the model , the only Nautilus kit I found close to my though line was , Alan Haskell's , Engel Kit Nautilus at 61 inches in length and at a cost of over $6,500.00 to complete , over my budget . There are few other kits in this size range I have found , many very beautiful designs out there however .

      So my plan was to build the Nautilus from scratch as a possible radio controlled boat and one which would handle the water well . The size I chose for the Nautilus was , 1/28th Scale from Jules Vern's book .Total Length is 98" or 8 feet 2 inches , Jules's Vern's Nautilus was 229.4 feet in length and the beam was 26.2 feet . I wanted this one to be scaled to this size as close as possible and still hold the Harper Goff's design .
Harper Goff's , the designer of the Disney version , was 175 feet and was to be the one I would use for my plan's . So all the calculations from Vern's book had to be done on every little thing I built for the Nautilus . Making this Nautilus the design of Harper Goff's , designer of the Disney version and the size of Jules Verne's book .

     The Nautilus I would built from high  grade 2 X 4' stock and shaved very thin and high grade marine plywood . Then fiber glass the entire boat creating a very sea worthy craft from this plan , one that will be very strong and last through the year's .

     This type of construction has worked well on many of my boats and models over the years . One of which is my 10' 2 inch dingy carried on the stern of our 42 foot sail boat ,"Morning Star", for over 8 years in all kinds of weather and still being used today .

     Many hour's are planned to convert the measurements from web page computer images to frame work and the layout pattern's of the rivets to maintain 20,000 plus equally on each side , top and bottom . In real life the rivets would be approximately 6" apart on the hull and 2" apart around the aperture window's

So in short , build the Nautilus at 98 inches with a split hull for accessing interior and RC if desired.

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Tom Jacobs has been building ships since he was a young man. Over the year Mr. Jacobs became a master builder of submarines and sailing ships. His work has garnered world wide attention for his attention of fine, detailed craftsmenship. He is currently working on a new project that will be revealed soon. Tom is married with two childern.


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