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We have been in the business of helping people for many years. You have most likely arrived at this page because you saw a reference to our work. It's an easy process; we just ask you what you want and we try our best to deliver it. As you see, our website is not overly ornate or complicated. We save the good stuff for our clients which is what brought you here! Everyone wants "that look!".

Our clients reap the benefit of our years of experience and curiosity. Our work stands out because we care about the end product. We ask ourselves, "Does it work, do people get it, would we be proud to put our name on it?" We never stop asking questions. We also are a curious bunch. Today we live in a world of constant change.

After work, we play as hard as we work. Our play time is working on new ideas to use on future projects!

Whether is a print ad, t.v. commercial, YouTube ad, instructional videos, television series, soundtracks, websites, email campaigns, layout, design or hosting we'll provide you the best service for the money.

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smart phone technology

Kona Coast Media - Smart Phone TechnolodySoon, nearly every phone will be be using an operating system to run their phones. Smart Phones have the ability to scan barcodes to save the user the time of typing. We create the technology to help users incorporate this into their business networking strategy. We can help brand your product and services with the use of the barcode and your customers Smart Phone.

NOTE: Save this image using your Smart Phone and share our link! Also, if you do not have a barcode reader go to your App Store and download the FREE QR Barcode Reader.

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Kona Coast Media - YouTube Video

We have years of experience producing, directing and publishing television programs. Today most video content is viewed on the Internet especially YouTube. We can create and publish any type of video production you may need. Every project we develop is broadcast-quality. This means any content we publish for the Internet can also be broadcast from a television station as an advertisement, infomercial or television program. Contact us today we would like to discuss the details of your next marketing strategy.

NOTE: A number of our pages are under re-construction!

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